How to Use This Site

How to add a cheer

  1. In the left hand navigation toolbar, type the name of the cheer and click "Add New HOBY Cheer".
  2. Fill in whatever information you can.
  3. When you're done editing the page, click save

How to edit a cheer

  1. Open the cheer you want to edit
  2. Click "edit" at the very bottom of the page
  3. For any Youtube Video, click "share", then "Embed", and then make sure the "Show suggested videos when the video finishes" box is unchecked. Copy that code, and then click on the " </> " button on the toolbar, and paste the code.
  4. Please provide a description of your change for tracking purposes

For a reference, check out the example cheer.

If you are unsure of an edit, or just want to ask about something, contact me.