Little Red Wagon


You can't ride in it


This is a repeat after me cheer.
You can’t ride in my little red wagon
The front seat is broken and the axels’ draggin
Ooh, ah boo, ah boo ah ah.
(Alternate line:
Chug-ah Chug-ah Chug-ga-chug-ga-chug-ga)

Second verse!
Same as the first
But a whole lot louder, and a whole lot worse!!

(Repeat first verse louder)

________ (third, fourth, etc) verse!
Doesn't exist,
But if it did, it'd sound like this!

** Mario Kart **
You can't ride on my Mario Kart!
I lost the key, and the engine won't start!
Chug-ah Chug-ah Bow-ser is a thug-ga!

** Red Lamborghini **
You can't ride in my red Lamborghini!
Your butt's too big and the seat's too teeny!
Chug-ah Chug-ah Chug-ga-Chug-ga-Chug-ga!

Radio Flyer Remix
__________(third, fourth, etc) verse!
You can't ride in my Radio Flyer!
I've got bass pumpin' out the amplifier!
Chug-ah Chug-ah *higher pitch*Chig-ah-Chig-ah*higher pitch* Chug-ah!

** Last verse **
_________ Verse!
Doesn't exist
(Spoken) No, it really doesn't exist

Example of performance: