Little Cabin in the Woods


HOBY strives to save little bunnies in the woods


This is a repeat after me cheer
Little Cabin In the Woods (Make a large pentagon with your fingers)
Little man by the window stood (put your hand on a imaginary windowsill)
Little bunny hopping by (hop)
Came up to his door (clap clap)/ other variation for this line can be: "Knocking at his door"

Help me, help me, help he said (scream with your hands)
Or that farmer will shoot me dead (gun with you hands)
Little bunny come inside (invited bunny)
And safely you will hide (stroke bunny)

The Second verse is all the same but super tiny. Use only your fingers and whisper
The Third Verse is as big and loud as possible. Use your whole arms and body while screaming the verse

Example of performance: