Iggle Wiggle


Iggle Wiggle is a three part repeat after me cheer. It's a little long but great. Last verse is a little hard to memorize but gets a big reaction.


This is a repeat after me cheer.
Can you iggle? (finger worm)
Can you wiggle? (shimmy)
Can you jump back and giggle? (jump back, make giggle noise)
Can you strut? (take showy step forward)
Can you hut? (throw a football)
Can you shake your butt? (shake your butt)

We can iggle (finger worm)
We can wiggle (shimmy)
We can jump back and giggle (jump back, giggle)
We can strut (take shoy step forward)
We can hut (throw a football)
We can shake our butt (shake your but)

But can you…
Smile? (smile, point at smile)
Can you frown? (point at frown)
Can you bobby brown? (bobby brown)
Can you nerf? (throw a football)
Can you surf? (pretend to be on a surfboard)
Can you dance like a smurf? (take a partner and sing the theme and skip around in a circle (la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la))

We can smile, (smile)
We can frown (frown)
We can bobby brown (bobby brown)
We can nerf (throw a football)
We can surf (pretend to be on a surfboard)
We can dance like a smurf (take a partner and sing the theme and skip around in a circle (la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la))

But can you..
Clap? (clap)
Can you snap? (snap)
Can you bust out a rap?:
(SOMEONE ELSE ON STAGE) (RAPPING): Welcome to the HOBY, where the JCs play, we ride the HOBY pony like everyday, big beats in the street where the music is poppin’, and the party don’t stop ‘til five in morning

We can clap (clap)
We can snap (snap)
We can bust out a rap:
(Everyone tries to make their way through).

Example of performance: