The most intense, sweaty, exciting, and OUTSTANDING HOBY cheer!


Ride the Pony

For this ‘cheer,’ group gathers in a large circle with a few people chosen to be in the middle of the circle. When singing begins, those in the middle pretend to ‘ride a pony’ around the inside of the circle. At the end of the first verse, all those that started in the middle stop in front of any person that is part of the circle and dance facing that person, then with their backs to each other, then side to side as the song suggests. At the last ‘this is how we do it,’ those who started in the middle switch places with the people they stopped in front of in the circle, and those people go around the inside of the circle ‘riding the pony’ for the next verse. This is repeated as many times as you like, or until all participants have gotten a chance to be in the middle.

Here we go, ride that pony!
Ride around that big, fat pony!
Here we go, ride that pony!
This is how we do it:

Front to front to front, my baby!
Back to back to back, my baby!
Side to side to side, my baby!
This is how we do it!

Example of performance: