Hey, Chester!


Say the following lines while performing the actions next to them. Repeat as many times possible, increasing speed with each repetition.


Heeeeeeey, (spinning right hand above head)
Chester! (move right hand from right shoulder to left hip, kinda like buckling a seat belt)
Have you (point ahead of yourself)
heard (touch ear)
about HOBY? (do a little dance move)
Just got back (touch back)
from HOBY! (do same dance move as before)
I (touch eye)
hear (touch ear)
they know (touch nose)
how to wear their tags! (pat stomach three times, where the tag goes)
Hip hip, (pat hip twice)
Hooray! (fist pump, for lack of a better phrase)
For HOBY! (do same dance move as before)

Example of Performance: