East to West


This is a really fun "Repeat-after-me-cheer"! It can be clapped to, or just done verbally. Every line is said by the leader and then echoed by the crowd.


From east to west,
HOBY leaders are the best.
I said from east to west,
HOBY leaders are the best!
Na nana Na-NA,
Na na-na na, na, Na
Na na-na na, na Na

(Other Lyrics)
From Shamu to Moby, we’re so glad to be at HOBY!
From City to City, HOBY girls are so pretty.
From dirt to mud, HOBY guys are really studs!
From coast to coast, HOBY leaders are the most!
From left to right, HOBY Cats are outta sight!
From squiggly to line, HOBY folk are oh-so-fine!
From tower to tower, HOBY leaders have the power!
From chips to dip, HOBY leaders are so hip!
From dad to mom, HOBY leaders are the bomb!
From bathroom to kitchen, HOBY kids are really kickin’!
From state to state, _ is/are really great!
From watch(es) to clock(s), _ really rock(s)!
From lake to ocean HOBY Leaders are in motion!
From school to school, HOBY kids are all so cool!
From castles to tents, we’re so glad to see the ‘rents! (if parents are there)
From takeoff to landing, HOBY leaders are OUTSTANDING!
From silver to gold, this cheer is really getting old!
From red to rover, this song is finally over!

(Source: HOBY Games and Cheers Resource Manual)

Examples of performance: