Down To The River


This is a fun cheer from HOBY VA. It's not too long, and there is A LOT of enthusiasm in it


This is a repeat-after-me cheer!
I went DOWN to the river! (stomp foot on "down")
And I took a little walk! (walk in place, stepping on "took", "little", and "walk")
And I met up with some turkeys! (flap arms like wings)
And we had a little talk! (form hands into turkey mouths and close on "had", "little", and "talk")

I said I washed them turkeys! (forms hands into fists and move them up and down above your leg as if using a washboard)
And I hung 'em on a line! (forms hands into fists and flick them on "hung", "'em", and "line")
I said YOU can be a turkey! (point on "you")
Oh any old time. (wave hands in front of you)

[Repeat three (3) times, with the first time at moderate volume, and second time at soft volume, and the third time at CRAZY LOUD volume]

Example of performance: