Brown Squirrel


This was a great cheer when I was an ambassador. It really makes you think you are about to go through a whole cheer until you are shockingly cut off :)


This is a repeat-after-me cheer
Brown squirrel, brown squirrel (You take a t-rex type squirrel stance for this and bounce on the word brown)
Shake your little tail (You shake your rear, still holding your stance)
Brown squirrel, brown squirrel, shake your little tail
Take these acorns (Fold one hand out at the word 'take', the other hand out as if you are holding something on the word 'these')
AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR NOSE (Yell this, and and make a violent motion of shoving something up your nose)

**I guess some people say peanut instead of acorn, it depends on your seminar

Example of performance: