Do you feel that? I think I feel that…


I feel a-
oh it's in my [swing knees in and out while crossing arms in 'x' pattern]
oh it's in my
HIPS [hands on hips]
oh it's in my
LIPS-sssss [bring one pointer finger to each corner of your mouth; on the 'sssss' bring them down in an arc]

Bang bang [finger guns]
choo choo train [bent elbows, spin arms in small circles imitating a train]
come on HOBY do your thing! [hands do 'come here' motion]

Get it, get it, get it, get it [cha cha arms and lean forward]
Got it, got it, got it, got it [reverse cha cha arms and lean back to stand up straight]
MMM/OOH [Stomp]
and let it roll [Roll body]
MMM/OOH [Stomp]
and let it roll [Roll body]

Example of performance: